An interactive whiteboard resource for students to practice ordering numbers/fractions as well as a bit of logical thinking.  This resource simulates a slide puzzle.  Tapping a square next to an empty space moves it into that empty space.  The (difficult!) challenge is to order the squares so that their contents is in ascending order from the top left.  The rows follow the pattern demonstrated in the background image blocks i.e. smallest at the top left ascending to the right, then restarting on the left.  When the correct arrangement is reached the tile’s border changes colour and the tiles spin.  No more interaction is possible until “Go” is clicked again.  Note clicking “Go” restarts the puzzle at any time.

If you like this resource and would like further varieties please leave a comment with the 15 or 12 items that you would like ordering and the resource will be added for all to use. Words or numbers are possible although obviously length is limited.  Other comments or bug reports also welcomed.

One resource is a 4 by 4 grid and contains fractions to be ordered.  Go to Interactive Whiteboard Resource.

One resource is a 3 by 4 grid and contains multiplications to be ordered.  Go to Interactive Whiteboard Resource.

3 thoughts on “Flash Slide Puzzle Maths

  1. How about mixing fractions, percents and decimals to be ordered from least to greatest?

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