This resource is a variant of this interactive whiteboard resource.  The idea for producing this variant came from one of the comments left on it.  At the moment the resource only has uppercase letters but one with lower case is underway.It should be useful with practising letter identification.  It works like a scratchcard for the interactive whiteboard and should be used with students rubbing off one of the numbered sections and guessing what the letter is underneath.

Go to Letter Reveal interactive whiteboard resource.

3 thoughts on “Flash Letter Reveal

  1. Can you have the letters appear in random order? It didn’t take long for grade ones to figure out that they were in alphabetical order. Can you also make a number one or one with lower case letters – again in random order.

  2. Hi , I really like the game but using it on the whiteboard I cannot erase the squares to reveal the letter, only on the computer screen. Am I doing something wrong?

  3. Are you using the eraser facility of your smartboard? If so that won’t work. On a SmartBoard you should leave all pens in the trays on Prometheans and others you should use whatever function you would use to represent the left click of a mouse (ie how you would select an icon).

    The only other thing it might be is if the whiteboard software is acting as an overlay to your browser. On a Smartboard make sure inkaware isn’t doing this.

    In regards to the randomising of letters I’ll look at putting that feature in when I can. Thanks for the suggestion.

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