An interactive whiteboard game that requires a steady handy and a sense of balance so is suitable for older students who are still not sure of their alphabet.  Students have either 1 minute or 2 minutes to stack as many of the icecubes in the correct order as possible.  When the time is up 2 snowballs will destroy their efforts.  The class can compete to see who can stack the most.

Go to interactive whiteboard resource.

6 thoughts on “Flash Ice Cube Alphabet

  1. WOW!
    I’ve been looking for something for the older kids for years! Well done – this is fabulous.

    But – so difficult! Is it possible to do it in 1 minute? I’ve struggled to do it in 2!

    Could we have 3 minutes?

  2. No – I give up. This game is impossible. We don’t need longer – we need less wobbling.

    Has anyone ever done it?

  3. I didn’t intend it to be completable as such. I use it as a class competition to see who gets the highest – as such being too difficult to actually stack all of them means they can keep going. Children come up to the IWB and have their attempt and then it is on to the next child. If the time limit was too long it leaves the rest of the class as observers for too much time. If you do stack all the cubes nothing happens – I never expected anybody to manage it! It is fiddly and no mistake!

  4. This is fiddly and there is no feed back to let you know you have succeeded or otherwise. This needs more thought.

  5. may need more thought…but soooo much fun.

    Ideal for a fun end of lesson few minutes, just for laughs.

    Thank you!

  6. wow! this is great, just i cant flip the letters the right way round!
    Maybe 3 to 5 minuites longer though!

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