An interactive whiteboard resource for facilitating discussion on 2d shape properties.  Scratch the panels to uncover sections of the shape then think about what the revelaed section shows.

Inspired by the fact that students seem to love “wiping” the interactive whiteboard.  A set of shapes are obscured by a scratchcard.  Either direct the student to a suitable square or let them choose.  They can scratch off the covering and reveal part of the shape underneath.  A discussion about shape properties can then be had.

The instructions include a key to the shape numbers and which part of the grid covers which part of the shape. 

Flash Player 9 required. 

Go to learning resource.

Get instructions.

14 thoughts on “Flash Shape Reveal

  1. Wow| these resources are better than any I have seen..great ideas and beautifully presented. I hope you have more. This could really make a difference to some children and a lot of teachers too.

  2. Very impressed, can’t wait to try some of these out with my class. Very easy to use and download and no membership to sign up for – well done!

  3. I think this is a brilliant resource. I wonder if you have thought of doing this with letter shapes ? It would be really great for my SEN kids.

  4. If you do can you do an upper case and a lower case version? In the lower case version a rounded a and g rather than the font on here would be best ie. comic sans or infant sassoon. I know some people want everything!

  5. An uppercase letter version is now online. Follow the alphabet resources link on the left hand side.

    Lower case to follow… The letters need to be drawn as I can’t use fonts for this. I’ll make sure I draw them with the a and g as you suggest. It’ll take a bit of time though.

  6. Hi Spencer, I make a similar activity to this using Interwrite software. I use the spotlight feature to drag around and reveal properties of shapes. (I include 3D). When the students have correctly named shape I turn off spotlight. This reveals shape and jumbled letters of name. Students drag letters to correctly spell shape. I like the simplicity of yours, would be great with some 3D shapes as well.

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