Virtual Mirror

screenshotThis teaching and learning resource presents you with a virtual mirror to use on your interactive whiteboard.  Drag the on-screen mirror to reflect the different pictures and diagrams.  Demonstrate what reflective symmetry is and where the reflection lines are on a number of shapes.

 Use your interactive whiteboard instead of trying to use a real mirror in front of a class.

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 You may find this resource useful too: Symmetry Draw.

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  1. Merran

    This is a fabulous resource, I love it. You’re developing a great site, I’ve already passed your address on to the rest of our primary school staff

  2. patricia

    I have just discovered your resources and they are truly amazing…every single one of them. They look great and really appeal to all my classes..from year 7 to 11. Thanks so much. Sheer genius!!

  3. hayley

    Just stumbled on your website and have found lots of very useful stuff!!! I’ll pass the address on!

  4. Nura

    oh my God i actually cant believe these resources are ABSOLUTELY FREEEEE.i’m really moved to tears.God bless you guyz..YOUR RESOURCES ARE ELECTRIFYING!!!!I’m in LOVE :-)

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