screenshotA maths game that encourages students to remember the prime numbers below 100.  This game can only be played by using the keyboard.  Students may use it on a single PC to practice or their game could be projected on to the interactive white board for a class competition.  The game is kept intentionally difficult to allow a number of students to be able to take a turn in a short time.

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The game will begin paused.  Pressing one of the arrow (cursor) keys will start it.  Use the left and right arrow keys to steer the snake.  Points are scored by eating eggs with prime numbers on them.  There will always be 2 eggs on screen, one with a prime number, one without.
Each egg eaten will make the snake grow a little longer.  The game is lost by hitting the edge of the screen, eating an egg without a prime number on it, or biting part of the snake.  A lady bird will appear and move randomly, eating this will also end the game.
A score of over 150 can be considered a great achievement!

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  1. Wow the snake moved really fast I couldn’t control it. Can I slow it down at all for while I’m learning?

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