screenshotUse old fashioned balancing scales on your modern interactive whiteboard.  This learning resource allows you to demonstrate how items used to be weighed

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There are a number of objects to weigh and a variety of different weights to use to arrive at the correct answer.  The resource will not allow more than 10 weights to be placed.

The instruction sheet also comes with a number of worksheets that could be used alongside this on the interactive whiteboard.

6 thoughts on “Flash Balance Scales

  1. Thanks, I’d like to update this resource a bit – when I do I will add the alternative measures.

  2. Nice work.
    I am looking for a set of scales like this where you can add boxes with ‘x’ or ‘y’ written on it and use the scales to work out what ‘x’ or ‘y’ is.
    Any thoughts?

  3. im looking for this but all objects for yr1 class who are just starting to look at weight, so comparing an apple to a car ect

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